airasia - The Asean Super App
airasia – The Asean Super App

AirAsia has, since October 2021, made it mandatory for all passengers to check-in via the airasia Super App. And recently AirAsia has sent out the following email to inform and remind all the customers about the change on the check-in policy.

Dear Guest

Thank you for choosing AirAsia!

In the highest interest of safety and well-being of all our passengers and employees, AirAsia has, since October 2021, made it mandatory for all passengers to check-in via the airasia Super App. This is an integral part of our effort to further strengthen our Covid-19 mitigation plan through contactless operations.

Since then, and thanks to your support and cooperation, as many as 95% of our passengers in Malaysia are already utilising our contactless self-check-in facilities, either via the airasia Super App or website.

If you are still checking-in via the website, we strongly encourage you to migrate and upgrade to the airasia Super App. Our intention is to have everyone migrate to the airasia Super App as it not only provides an extensive range of services for you to enjoy but also enhanced digital contactless services all under one app, so we all can do our part in mitigating the risk of Covid-19 infection.

Usage of the airasia Super App is free of charge and it can be downloaded from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store or Huawei AppGallery at no cost.

In this regard, please be advised that from 1 April 2022, you will not be able to utilise counter service for check-in at all airports in Malaysia if you did not perform prior self-check-in via the airasia Super App.

Only exempted passengers in the following categories will be accepted for counter check-in:

  • Senior citizens aged 70 and above
  • Bookings made under Malaysian Armed Forces and Government warrants
  • Passengers on charter flights
  • Passengers who have self checked-in but need to reprint boarding passes
  • Passengers with reduced mobility holding a valid Persons with Disability (OKU) card
  • Group bookings of 10 passengers and more
  • Young Passengers travelling alone (aged 12-16)
  • Passengers affected by last minute schedule changes and flight cancellations
  • Passengers who perform seat upgrade and/or add-on purchases at the check-in counter
  • Passengers who purchase last minute tickets beyond the check-in cutoff time
  • Passengers affected by system outage* of the super app, website or kiosk
  • Passengers who were not assigned a seat during self check-in
  • Passengers required by Airlines to verify travel documents at the counter
  • Corporate Full Flex and Premium Flex guests

The counter check-in service will strictly be for the exempted groups of passengers only. Passengers who do not belong to any of the above groups would not be able to use the counter service, even for a payment.

With this, the existing counter check-in fee will be removed and no longer be applicable in Malaysia effective 1 April 2022.

For the full list of exempted categories of passengers eligible for counter check-in service and further information on contactless self-check-in via the airasia Super App, please visit our Support Page.

Thank you again for choosing AirAsia. We look forward to seeing you onboard.

With warmest regards


5 easy steps to complete self check in

After the airAsia Super App is installed on your mobile device, you can then run the Super App and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the self check in.

1 Launch the AirAsia Mobile app.

Launch the AirAsia Mobile app

2 Tap on the Check-in button on the Navigation Bar below.

Tap on the Check-in button on the Navigation Bar below

3 Fill in your Family name / surname and Booking Number.

Fill in your Family name/surname and Booking Number

4 Finish the rest of the required formalities.

Finish the rest of the required formalities

5 Boarding pass will be generated. Keep a copy and show it to AirAsia’s ground staff when you’re ready to board.

Boarding pass will be generated. Keep a copy and show it to our ground staff when you're ready to board

The following diagram shows a summary of self check in on the airasia Super App.

5 easy steps to complete self check in on the AirAsia Super App
5 easy steps to complete self check in on the airasia Super App

Links to install airasia Super App

The following are the links to install the airasia Super app on different platforms:

Self check in easily on the airasia Super App
Self check in easily on the airasia Super App

Frequently asked questions

Q. Who can perform the AirAsia Mobile Check-in?

AirAsia mobile check-in is available for all individuals or groups of up to 9 guests except for:

  • Guests travelling to and from the United States
  • Guests travelling to and from Maldives
  • Guests with reduced mobility or requiring special assistance
  • Guests below 16 years old and travelling alone
  • Guests travelling with an infant 8 days old and below

You can still perform the Airasia mobile check-in even if you’re:

  • Pregnant
  • With a medical condition

Pregnant and guests with medical conditions are advised to identify themselves to our check-in or boarding gate team to ensure you meet our company policies.

Q. When is the AirAsia Mobile Check-in available?

For most flights, check-in with the AirAsia mobile app opens 14 days before departure and closes 1 hour before departure for AirAsia flights. It closes 4 hours before departure for AirAsia X flights.

There are a few exceptions:

  • Mobile app check-in for AirAsia (AK, FD, Z2) flights from China opens 14 days and closes 2 hours before departure.
  • Mobile app check-in for all flights to and from Australia, Saudi Arabia, Myanmar and Thailand opens 10 days and closes 1 hour before departure for carrier code AK, FD, QZ, Z2 and, 4 hours before departure for carrier code D7 and XJ.
  • The AirAsia mobile check-in is not available if you are travelling to or from the United States. Guests will need to check in at the airport counter

Q. What is an E-Boarding Pass?

The E-Boarding Pass is a paperless boarding pass that allows guests to clear airport security/immigration and board a flight.

Q. Where can the E-Boarding Pass be used?

E-Boarding Passes can be used on the following flights:

  • International flights departing Hong Kong (China), Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, and Australia.
  • Domestic flights within Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.
  • Philippines domestic flights departing Manila, Cebu, Kalibo, Tacloban, Puerto Princesa, Davao and Tagbilaran.

Q. When will I receive the E-Boarding Pass?

The E-Boarding Pass will be displayed after the mobile check-in process is completed on the AirAsia check-in app.

Q. With the E-Boarding Pass, do I need to go to a KIOSK to print my boarding pass?

No, this is not required. The E-Boarding Pass allows guests with no checked baggage to proceed ‘straight to the gate’ for their flights.

However, guests with checked baggage must do a baggage drop at least 60 minutes prior to scheduled time of departure.

Q. Is the E-Boarding Pass option available on all smartphones?

Yes, it is. Please ensure the mobile check-in is performed using only the AirAsia Mobile check-in app.

Q. There are 5 guests travelling in one booking number. If I check-in using the AirAsia Mobile app, will we be given an E-Boarding Pass for each guest?

No. The E-Boarding Pass is not available for more than one guest travelling in one booking number.

Q. I have an E-Boarding Pass for my flight from Thailand to Singapore. However, my phone battery is low and I now can’t display the pass. What should I do?

Proceed to see an AirAsia check-in agent/staff at the baggage drop counter and we will print a counter boarding pass for you.

Q. I have a Fly-Thru booking from Phuket to Sydney via Kuala Lumpur. Can I get the E-Boarding for my flight from Phuket (HKT) to Kuala Lumpur (KUL)?

No. You will not be issued the E-Boarding Pass for HKT-KUL as this is a Fly-Thru booking with an Australian city as its final destination.

Q. I have a pre-booked meal. How can I claim my meal onboard?

Simply present your E-Boarding Pass to our cabin crew to redeem your meal.

Q. I do not have any checked baggage. Using my E-Boarding Pass, can I go to the airport just before boarding commences?

We advise you to come to the airport as earliest as possible to avoid any congestion at the security and immifration checkpoints. Please note that AirAsia boarding gates will close 20 minutes prior to the scheduled time of departure.

Please also take note that guests departing from Sabah/Sarawak are required to fill up the E-Boarding Pass Slip which is available at the immigration counter.

For terms and conditions, click here.


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