30 December 2014

It was business as usual at the Kuala Lumpur international Airport 2 (klia2) as the search for the missing Indonesia AirAisa QZ8501 aircraft entered its second day.

A traveller Hazreen who was on hiking trip to Nepal said the missing flight incident did not dampened his spirits to travel at this point of time.

“It is a holiday long planned and I guess we can not have a negative mind set over everything,” he told the New Straits Times.

He also offered words of encouragement to family and friends of those onboard the flight with an unknown status for now.

“I understand no words can console them in such time when things are uncertain, but please stay strong,” he said.

Sharing the sentiments, Nurain Mazlan, 24 who was about to catch her flight, expressed her hopes for the plane to be found.

“I hope they find the plane, it has been a tough year for Malaysia and everyone else affected with the other flight incidents,” she said.

She also hoped for the search and rescue efforts to be made easy.

Another traveller Shahir Omar, 24 encouraged all airlines staff and those travelling to stay positive and not be shaken by the recent incident.

“We can not assume that all planes will suffer the same fate,” he said.

He also urged Malaysians and social media users around the globe to refrain from spreading unverified news online.

“Let us be responsible during this trying times and respect the feeling of families of the passengers,” he stressed.

Meanwhile, a waiting area for friends and family was set up at level 3A, klia2 for the next-of-kin of passengers onboard the missing aircraft.

The waiting area called the Family Friends Reception Centre (FFRC) and the Family Friends Holding Area (FFHA) was however empty.

“Our heart and prayers are with Indonesia AirAsia and passengers onboard flight QZ8501,” a message on the information board read.

Original Source: www.nst.com.my

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