Train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai Schedule, Ticket Price 2021 – 2022

The train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai departs 5 times a day from Hualamphong station taking between 11 to 14.33 hours to travel the 751 km distance, with tickets costing from 231 Baht for a 3rd Class seat to 1,653 for a 1st Class sleeping berth on a Special Express service.

The train to Chiang Mai from Bangkok is one of the most popular rail journeys within Thailand to take.

On this journey, you can choose to travel through the day on one of the State Railways of Thailand’s “sprinter trains” (Diesel Railcars DRC) which will get you to Chiang Mai in the fastest time, or take a more relaxing overnight sleeper train, with a comfortable berth / bed.

A Special Express locomotive train to Chiang Mai from Bangkok >A Special Express locomotive train to Chiang Mai from Bangkok

Whichever service you choose, we advise you to book your train tickets to Chiang Mai as far in advance as possible to make sure you get a seat or more importantly, a sleeping berth as they will be booked up well in advance, especially during the high season from November to April.

Bangkok to Chiang Mai Train Schedule / Timetable 2021 – 2022

For times of services in the opposite direction from Chiang Mai to BKK click on the timetable link below:

NoDepArrTypeMore InfoFare
708:3019:30Sp. Ex. DRCInfo>Fare>
918:1007:15Sp. Ex.Info>Fare>
1319:3508:40Sp. Ex.Info>Fare>

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Timetable Notes:
Rap = Rapid
Ex. = Express
Sp. Ex. = Special Express
Sp. Ex. DRC = Special Express Diesel Railcar – (Sprinter Train)

To view the full timetables for these services and for photos of seats / berths, just click on the info link in the timetable above.

The distance from Bangkok to Chiang Mai by train is 751 km.

The duration of the train journey from Bangkok to Chiang Mai is between 11 hours for the fastest train, to 14 hours and 20 minutes for the slowest train.

All trains originate from Hua Lamphong Railway Station in Bangkok.

For more information about the Bangkok Train Station, click on the picture link below:

For information on how to get to Bangkok Hua Lamphong station from popular areas of the city click here >

If you want to spend the night close to Hua Lamphong railway station you can see all the nearby accommodation on our:

Hotels near Bangkok train station page here >

For information on Chiang Mai Train Station click on the picture link below:

For information about onward travel from Chiang Mai station to the city centre click here >

 Ticket Prices for the Train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

Prices shown are one-way fares in Thai Baht.

Train number 7 is an all second class, air-conditioned, seat train (Special Express DRC). Tickets for this service cost 641 Baht for an Adult, 501 Baht for a Child.

Included in the prices of the ticket are airline style meals and soft drinks, but you would also probably want to take some food of your own on-board as they are not that great.

SRT DRC sprinter train in ThailandSRT DRC sprinter train in Thailand
2nd Class Seats on a DRC Bangkok to Chiang Mai train2nd Class Seats on a DRC Bangkok to Chiang Mai train

Train 109 is a slower Rapid service, so it is the cheapest, and costs:

2nd class A/C Sleeping Berths
Upper Bed Adult 691 – Child 551
Lower Bed Adult 761 – Child 621

2nd class fan seats
Adult 391 / Child 251

3rd class fan seats
Adult 231 / Child 171

Train number 9 and Train number 13 are the most popular night trains and are Special Express services, consisting of just 2nd and 1st class sleepers to Chiang Mai, with all coaches air-conditioned.

Train number 9 has the new Chinese made carriages so is slightly more expensive than train 13.

Fares for these services cost :

Fares for train 13 are :

2nd class
Upper Bed Adult 771 – Child 631
Lower Bed Adult 841 – Child 701

1st class
Upper Bed Adult 1,253 – Child 957
Lower Bed Adult 1,453 – Child 1,157

Fares for Train 9 are :

2nd class
Upper Bed Adult 941 – Child 801
Lower Bed Adult 1041 – Child 901

1st class
Upper Bed Adult 1453 – Child 1157
Lower Bed Adult 1653 – Child 1357

You can book the whole 1st class cabin to yourself for 1,953 (train 13) – 2,453 (train 9) if you want to travel in perfect isolation.

Train number 51 is a slightly slower Express service but has a far greater choice of seat and sleeping berths, although there is no first class coach.

Tickets cost :

2nd class A/C Berths
Upper Bed Adult 751 – Child 611
Lower Bed Adult 821 – Child 681

2nd class Fan Berths
Upper Bed Adult 561 – Child 421
Lower Bed Adult 631 – Child 491

2nd class A/C seats
Adult 541 / Child 401

3rd class fan seats
Adult 271 / Child 211

2nd Class AC seats / sleeping berths on a train to Chaing Mai from Bangkok2nd Class AC seats / sleeping berths on a train to Chaing Mai from Bangkok

These seats are then converted to your bed / sleeping berth for the overnight trains to Chiang Mai from Bangkok.

Train seats converted to beds2nd Class seats turned into a sleeping berth

One thing you should know about sleeping berths on trains to Chiang Mai, the lower berths are far more spacious and comfortable the much narrower upper berths, that is why they cost more.

They are also the first to sell out, so book early if you want a much more comfortable journey.

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Where to Buy Tickets in Bangkok for the Train to Chiang Mai

The cheapest way to buy your tickets is in person at the ticket counters at Hua Lamphong Railway station.

The station is easily accessible from most parts of Bangkok, with buses and a subway train running right up to the door.

–   For more information about Hua Lamphong station and how to get there click here >

–  Or you can book advance tickets for the train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai online here >

Alternatively, you could book your tickets from one of the many travel agents around the city for an extra fee but we do not really recommend doing this as there are a lot of disreputable agents around so stick with using a more reputable online agent is the best advice.

Platform sign at Hualamphong for Rapid train 109 to Chiang MaiPlatform sign at Hualamphong for Rapid train 109 to Chiang Mai

Times and fares for the train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai are shown for information only and may change without notice.

Please check before travelling directly with the State Railways of Thailand by either:

    Visiting any railway station within Thailand.

    Phoning the SRT 24 hour call centre on 1690

    Or by visiting the SRT’s own website here >

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