30 June 2017

RedQ, short for RedQuarters, is the new corporate base for AirAsia Group.

The six-storey building, which is replete with green features, is located adjacent to Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (klia2) in Sepang, Selangor.

AirAsia RedQ at klia2
AirAsia RedQ at klia2, see more pictures

The RedQ was designed by the VERITAS Design Group and has been operational since November.

RedQ comprises three floors of office space spread over 240,000 sq ft, and three levels of parking.

It was designed to create an environment to stimulate creativity and generate new ideas.

The building maximises space utilisation, creating collaborative nodes as well as providing contemplative and creative corners in a variety of layouts.

Concrete or cement flooring is the material of choice, bringing new life to the building.

The open office plan with exposed ceilings serves as a blank canvas to accentuate the colours and vibrancy of AirAsia’s corporate branding, imbuing the spaces with a kaleidoscope of colours.

The other highlight is the clerestory windows that can be seen at either side of the building’s roof, bringing in natural lighting and ventilation.

The items used in the design of RedQ are colourful, vibrant furniture and exciting day-to-day materials.

According to VERITAS Design Group, a similar concept could also work for residential properties, both landed and high-rise.

You can create cozy spaces within your home. You can also create nooks for certain activities, and in other places, create meeting and social nodes.

You can even create a space to showcase souvenirs from your travels.

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