Obermain, which originated from Germany in 1888, prided itself as a handcrafted, stylish yet comfortable footwear brand for men and ladies.

Obermain, klia2
Obermain, klia2

Obermain offers a broad range of designs from dressy oxford to casual sandals with a variety of advanced footwear technologies.

Besides footwear, Obermain is offering a wide range of stylish new line of women’s handbags, undergarments and socks.

Obermain, klia2
Obermain, klia2
Obermain, klia2
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Lot & NoL2-64, Gateway@klia2 mall
Operation24 hours
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Patrons can expect wider footwear selections because the Obermain boutique also offers an array of Democrata men’s shoes which are among the finest men’s shoe produced in Brazil.

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In total, the combined retail space at the klia2 airport – Gateway@klia2 mall (32,516 m2) and klia2 Terminal shops (35,000 m2) – will make up about 13.6% of the total floor space.

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