Nanny’s Pavillon is a conceptual French American pancake restaurant.

Nanny's Pavillon, klia2
Nanny’s Pavillon, klia2

The tradition of French American family is strongly followed by Nanny’s Pavillon, therefore the routine reflects on warmth, cozy and intimate ambiance.

These are the tone that convey in every outlet by portraying atmosphere of a home, because – When You’re Here, You’re Family.

Nanny's Pavillon, klia2
Nanny’s Pavillon, klia2
Nanny’s Pavillon, klia2
CategoryFood & Beverages
Lot & NoL2M-23, Gateway@klia2 mall
Operation24 hours
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Nanny’s Pavillon has a unique menu, comes from the tradition of a family such as Ynez’s Blueberry Cheese Roll Pancake, Bryce’s Crazy Chocolate Waffle, Heavy Alvin’s Potato, Kimberly’s Green Sausage Pasta and Cecile’s Hot Tuna Spaghetti.

Established since March 23rd, 2009, Nanny’s Pavillon first opened its door in Bandung, Indonesia.

Nanny's Pavillon, klia2
Location of Nanny’s Pavillon, klia2

Let’s come to enjoy the happiness with families and friends at Nanny’s Pavillon. Welcome Home!

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