19 July 2019

In an effort to boost tourist arrivals during Visit Malaysia Year 2020, the government is adding more visa-on-arrival (VOA) facilities for tourists from China and India.

Officer checking document at the gate
Officer checking document at the gate

The Home Ministry said that these facilities would be expanded at the arrival gates of six main airports around the country, including Langkawi International Airport, Miri International Airport and the Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah International Airport.

Other locations where such facilities will be expanded include the Bukit Kayu Hitam Immigration, Customs, Quarantine and Security (ICQS) Complex in Kedah, the Sungai Tujoh ICQS in Sarawak and the Labuan Ferry Terminal.

The ministry noted that VOA access is only given to tourists from China and India who enter Malaysia via Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand.

“This will be based on the condition that they pass the Immigration security check and are not a threat to the nation,” it said in a statement on Friday (July 19).

To stimulate the arrival of visitors and increase their expenditure while visiting Malaysia, the ministry added that the VOA facilities have been improved.

The Home Ministry added that the period of stay has been extended from seven to 15 days, while the VOA fees have been decreased from RM300 to RM200.

The ministry also said it welcomes tourists who will contribute to the country’s economy.

At the same time, the ministry said it would not compromise on any individuals, tourism agents or irresponsible parties who abuse this visa facility as this could jeopardise the country’s security and peace.

The ministry noted that the Immigration Department, police and other enforcement agencies will continuously carry out operations against illegal immigrants and blacklist those caught entering the country illegally.

Source: The Star

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