MaskSlim’s in-house brand which promotes natural and organic ingredients hence it comprises organic ingredients of more than 99% natural origin and it has been certified with Eco-cert and Nature.

MaskSlim, klia2
MaskSlim, klia2

With the tagline, “All Natural, All You,” MaskSlim’s signature product is the 30-day mask program that uses a combination of eight alternating sheet masks to transform the user’s skin including renewing, lightening, purifying, nourishing and more.

MaskSlim has created a range of masks ideal for daily use, requiring only 15 minutes to see a noticeable difference.

MaskSlim, klia2
MaskSlim, klia2
MaskSlim, klia2
CategoryHealth & Beauty
Lot & NoL2-109, Gateway@klia2 mall
Operations24 Hours
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MaskSlim, klia2
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In total, the combined retail space at the klia2 airport – Gateway@klia2 mall (32,516 m2) and klia2 Terminal shops (35,000 m2) – will make up about 13.6% of the total floor space.

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