24 November 2021

Malaysia VTL (Air): A Guide To The Entire Process, From PCR Tests To Documents To Prepare Before You Travel
Malaysia VTL (Air): A Guide To The Entire Process, From PCR Tests To Documents To Prepare Before You Travel

The hotly anticipated Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) with Malaysia kicks off Nov 29, where quarantine-free travel will be allowed between Singapore and Malaysia. A land VTL will also launch Nov 29 between Singapore and Malaysia via the Causeway, but entry to Malaysia under the land VTL is restricted to Malaysian citizens, PRs and long-term pass holders.

For most Singaporeans yearning to go to Malaysia quarantine-free, the air travel VTL between Changi Airport and Kuala Lumpur International Airport is still your best bet.

Under the air travel VTL with Malaysia, besides the cost of air tickets and travel insurance policies, be prepared to shell out anything from about $350 to almost $500 for Covid-19 tests that you have to undergo.

For a return trip to Malaysia, four Covid-19 tests are required: a pre-departure PCR test in Singapore ($100-200), an on-arrival test in Malaysia ($81 for Malaysians; $114 for non-Malaysians), a pre-departure ART or PCR test in Malaysia ($30-$80) and an on-arrival test in Singapore ($125).

Planning a trip to Malaysia under the VTL? Here’s a step-by-step guide at what you need to prepare:

What to do before flying to Malaysia

#1: Book your air tickets on designated VTL flights. There are six airlines operating six VTL flights in each direction daily (find out more about Singapore Airlines and Scoot’s VTL flights).

#2: Buy travel insurance, if required. Short-term visitors must hold a return ticket, as well as buy travel insurance with a minimum coverage of RM100,000 (S$32,500) with Covid-19 coverage for medical treatment or hospitalisation costs. We’ve compiled a list of travel insurance policies with Covid-19 coverage.

#3: Take a PCR test in Singapore within two days before departure to Malaysia. Where to go? Find it in this list. Digitally authenticate your PCR test results.

#4: Register and pay for a Covid-19 test in KL. This is the PCR test you’ll have to take on arrival at the BP Clinical Health Screening Centre at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Pre-book it here.

#5: Download the MySejahtera app for contact tracing purposes in Malaysia. Get it here.

#6: For short-term visitors, apply for a visa, if required.

At Changi Airport before your flight to KL, you should have these documents ready

#1: A valid passport

#2: Valid vaccination certificate. Upload it and get it notarised.

#3: Negative pre-departure Covid-19 test result

#4: Mobile device with the MySejahtera app downloaded and profiles registered

#5: Short-term visitors to Malaysia will need to show their return ticket and visa (if required).

#6: Travel insurance policy, either a physical or digital copy (short-term visitors to Malaysia only).

#7: A proof of purchase of their travel insurance policy, either a physical or electronic copy (short-term visitors to Malaysia only).

What to expect when you arrive at Kuala Lumpur International Airport

#1: Go for the Covid-19 PCR test at BP Clinical Lab Health Screening Centre upon arrival.

#2: Wait at designated area for the test result, which will likely take one to three hours.

#3: You may go to immigration only upon receiving a negative test result. You should still have the same documents as you did at departure in Changi Airport (above) with you.

In Malaysia, before returning to Singapore

#1: Take a Covid-19 ART or PCR test in Malaysia within two days before departure to Singapore. That is, if you take a pre-departure test on Nov 1, it will be valid for departures until Nov 3, 11.59pm. Go to one of the medical facilities in Malaysia recognised by MOH or book one in Kuala Lumpur.

#2: Register and pre-pay for your on-arrival Covid-19 PCR test ($125) at Changi Airport. Book and pre-pay for it.

#3: Submit the SG Arrival Card within three days before arriving in Singapore.

#4: Short-term visitors and long-term pass holders in Singapore will have to apply for a Vaccinated Travel Pass to re-enter Singapore. Applications must be submitted seven to 60 days before intended date of entry into Singapore. Apply here.

#5: For short-term visitors, apply for a visa, if required, and you must download and register for a TraceTogether profile.

#6: Short-term visitors are also required to buy travel insurance with a minimum Covid-19 coverage of $30k.

At KLIA before returning to Singapore, have these documents ready

#1: Passport

#2: Valid negative PCR or ART test result

#3: Proof of vaccination

#4: Physical or electronic copy of VTP (for short-term visitors and long-term pass holders)

#5: For short-term visitors, visa (if required) and a mobile device with TraceTogether downloaded and profiles registered.

What to expect when you arrive at Changi Airport in Singapore

#1: Have the above-mentioned documents ready.

#2: Get your PCR test done at Changi Airport.

#3: Short-term visitors will have to activate the TraceTogether app on their device after clearing immigration.

#4: Travel to your declared self-isolation accommodation after the test using private transport, taxi or private hire cars. Travelling on public transport (trains and buses) is not allowed.

#5: Self-isolate at your place of residence to wait for your test result. You’re released from isolation and can go about usual activities when you receive a negative result.

Source: www.todayonline.com

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