5 September 2012

Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (MAHB) has announced the first batch of concession awards for its new “next generation hub” in Kuala Lumpur, klia2.

Issued in early July, the tenders were for the terminal’s public concourse area on the departures level. The new concessions feature a strong local flavour, notably in food & beverage, blended with international names such as Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts.

The offerings in the public concourse area were chosen to complement the overall experience of travellers, well-wishers and visitors at klia2, Malaysia Airports Senior General Manager Commercial Services Puan Faizah Khairuddin told The Moodie Report.

Puan Faizah Khairuddin
“We are well on trajectory with meeting the retail aspiration for klia2″Puan Faizah Khairuddin,Senior General Manager Commercial Services,Malaysia Airports

The public area will feature a strong focus on food & beverage, with a wide array of dining concepts and brands, fast food outlets, lifestyle cafes, casual dining restaurants and grab-and-go counters offering local and international fare.

The public concourse will also have a pharmacy and beauty and wellbeing brands to cover the basic travel needs of passengers, with some stores devoted to confectionery, perfumes & cosmetics and fashion accessories.

Khairuddin said: “Travellers and visitors will be able to shop at the Cocoa King, The Body Shop, Carlo Rino and Spirit of Asia as well as explore healthy lifestyle prospects at MyLife Healthcare.

“Dining concepts vary to cater to the needs of our travellers. There will be a choice of casual dining restaurants, namely PappaRich Express and even The Loaf for travellers to enjoy a leisurely meal.

“Coffee lovers will be delighted to know that Starbucks Coffee is among the offerings available.

Additionally, customers will also have a choice to grab a cuppa at Chatime or enjoy a cool revitalising drink of various choices available at the outlet. For those in a rush, we have a selection of grab-and-go concept outlets such as Dunkin Donuts and Malaysian Delights. Alternatively, one can savour healthy delights at Hui Lau Shan.”

“Also in the line-up is Heng Heng Local Delights, which offers an array of specialities from the respective states in Malaysia giving travellers and visitors a flavour of authentic local delicacies,” said Khairuddin. She added: “Travellers will start their journey as a ?etail Explorer’ from the public concourse area and be pampered with more variety and choices at the airside area that is after security and immigration check points.”

“We are well on trajectory with meeting the retail aspiration for klia2. We want to change the mind-set of travellers, making them realise that their vacation begins and ends at klia2. The other aspect to the brands and products are the exciting creative concepts, originality and engagement offered by each outlet. Ultimately, we want to engage our travellers and give them an experience that is ELITE ?Experiential, Liberating, Innovative, Thrilling and Ever-changing. We will work with our business partners to ensure that they will keep coming back for more to explore klia2 as a destination,” Khairuddin enthused.

Scheduled to open in April 2013, klia2 is seeking to offer an enhanced shopping, dining and relaxation experience aimed at heightening the vibrancy of the airport.

The fourth and final phase of the klia2 tender exercise took place in May and concluded with the submissions deadline on 2 July. The rest of the awards are expected to be issued between late October and November 2012.

Source: www.moodiereport.com

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