i-City, Shah Alam

Snow in Malaysia? Yes, it’s possible. Take the kids to Snowalk at i-City for something completely different.

This is a technology park located on the outskirts of Shah Alam. At night the place comes alive with an amazing forest of man-made trees brightly illuminated with millions of colourful LED lights.

City of Digital Lights, i-City, Shah Alam

They call this the City of Digital Lights.

For children it is a fairytale wonderland and even for middle aged guys like me the effect is very impressive.

Next to the forest of lights is Snowalk which is an indoor snow park where visitors can escape from the tropical heat for a while and experience 5 degree temperatures. For some Malaysians who have never seen snow before it is a novel experience. If you are from Canada or Russia you will be less impressed but it is still worth a visit.

Inside Snowalk you will find igloos, ice houses, slides, a mini-bobsled run, snowmen, ice penguins, a bar made of ice (no drinks served), various ice sculptures and plenty more LED lights.

Warm jackets are provided (included in the entrance price). Trousers and boots can be rented at additional cost.

Snowalk, i-City, Shah Alam, Malaysia

Back outside in the warm air there are other attractions at i-City. These include a reptile house, Laser Warzone (a laser tag game), amusement arcade/indoor funfair games,souvenir shops, food stalls, shops, a full size cinema screen (showing some Van Diesel film during our visit) and a range of restaurants.

Xmas tree and lights, i-City, Shah Alam

There was a giant Xmas tree and a few reindeer made from LED lights and some Chinese New Year lanterns hung across the street even though our visit was in June. It would definitely be best to visit this place at Xmas to soak up the seasonal atmosphere but even in June it was packed with visitors (though it was a school holiday).

Other Attractions at i-City

Waterworld@i-City with its Ultimate Tornado vortex slide is worth a visit! Read all the details by clicking here.

Other attractions include:

– a Giant Ferris Wheel 100m tall. 

– the Space Walk which is an elevated rail ride through the Enchanted Forest of digital lights.

– the Double Decker, the largest 2-Tier Carousel in Malaysia. RM5.

– the Pirate Ship. RM5 (must be 120cm and above).

– Super Swing.RM5 (120cm and above).

– Bumper Cars.(ages 4 – 12).

– Circus Travel

There is also a ‘6 D Motion Theater’ with simulator effects such as leg ticklers!

Another fun attraction is Trick Art Museum. You can read the details here.

Another attraction is Red Carpet Wax Museum, a glitzy collection of waxwork figures of famous celebrities from the world of showbiz and politics.

Here is a video of the SpaceWalk ride:

Yet another recent attraction is Space Mission in which visitors simulate a journey into deep space to explore new worlds.  Here is a video of what to expect:

Opening Hours & Ticket Price (2022)

Opening Hours

Snowalk opens from 10am – midnight on weekdays and until 1am on weekends / public holidays / school holidays.

Obviously the digital lights only come on after dark (7pm onwards).

Entrance Fee (2022 Ticket Prices)

There is no entrance fee to see the City of Digital Lights. You only pay for the rides.

Adult is defined as 11 years old and above.

Child is below 11 and above 90cm.

Infants below 90 cm are free.

They have introduced reloadable i-Cards giving access to all attractions costing RM 100 for 100 points. Points will be deducted for each attraction visited as follows:

For Snowalk:

75 points per adult and 65 points per child (MyKad 65 and 55 points respectively).

This fee includes rental of a jacket. Child rates apply to ages 3-11.

Giant Ferris Wheel 12 points per person

Waterworld: 45 points per adult and 40 points per child (MyKad 35 and 30 respectively)

Red Carpet:150 points per adult and 100 points per child (MyKad 100 and 50 respectively)

Trick Art Museum: 20 points per person (MyKad 15)

House of Horror: 20 points per person (MyKad 15)

Fun Drive:15 points per person (MyKad 10)

5D Cinema:10 points

Space Mission: 20 points (MyKad 15) per cable car (holds two people)

Ice Adventure: 10 points

Under The Sea: 10 points

Bumper Car: 10 points

Circus Travel: 5 points

Special Package Promotion 

The best value deal is to buy an All Day Happiness Pass which includes single entry to all the following rides and attractions except Red Carpet 2.

2022 Prices are:

Malaysian Adult RM95

Malaysian Child RM75

International Adult RM 135

International Child RM125


  • WaterWorld
  • SnoWalk
  • Trick Art Museum
  • House of Horror

City of Digital Light:

  • Disco Ride
  • Space Walk
  • Twisting Boat
  • Super Swing
  • 2-Tier Carousel
  • Adventure Train

Theme Park B:

  • Ferris Wheel
  • Bumper Car
  • Circus Travel
  • Time Travel

Fun World:

  • VR World
  • 5D Cinema
  • Winchester City Walk

Itsy Bitsy:

  • Castle Mania
  • Ants Park
  • Avatar Flight
  • Car Drift
  • Water Adventure
  • Spinning Cups
  • IW Jungle Train


  • Circuit de Monaco
  • Bowl America
  • Snow Village
  • Cops
  • SlimyChameleon
  • Little Ponies


Parking is RM3 per hour with a Maximum Per Day of RM 10.


Their hotline is +603 5521 8868 for more details.

This is their official website.

email: customer@i-city.my

Location of i-City

GPS Coordinate
3.064753, 101.485391? +3° 3′ 53.11″, +101° 29′ 7.41″

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