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Luxury Retirement Living in Sunny Sarawak 

Eden On The Park Kuching, or  Eden-on-the-Park Integrated Senior Lifestyle Cum Care Residence Resort to use its full title, was completed in 2017 as a unique facility to promote the concept of ageing in peace and with dignity. Eden is set up to encourage active quality lifestyle among seniors. The resort is more than just houses and apartments. It incorporates programmes and facilities in a safe, secured environment where the community can interact, play together and be as active or as passive as they wish to be. Within the compound, but tastefully separated from the active quarters by a fresh-water lake is a state-of-the-art care and nursing residence designed and managed with Australian input and best practices.

Eden On The Park Kuching provides a paradise for retirees to live independently and productively yet having the assurance that care and assistance is within a touch of a button.

Kuching, Borneo

Eden On The Park  is located in the idyllic and historic city of Kuching (Cat City in Malay) the capital city of Sarawak, on the Borneo part of Malaysia. Only a one-hour flight from Singapore and a little more from Kuala Lumpur, Sarawak is famed for its ancient tropical rainforests, wildlife, diverse indigenous tribes, clean air and pure mountain streams. Its romanticism is closely linked to the hundred-year rule of Englishman, Rajah Sir James Brooke, who together with his family ruled Sarawak for 100 years from 1841 till the Japanese Occupation in 1941. It became a crown colony of Britain in 1946 until its independence within Malaysia in 1963.

Kuching is now a metropolis of 900,000 population with all the modern medical and commercial amenities. English is one of the official languages and religious practice is free with some 55% of the population being of Christian faith.

The Eden Integrated Retirement and Care Residence Resort

Eden On The Park Kuching is a very low-density development comprising 14 exclusive villas, 104 luxury apartments and a separate block with 71 care/nursing suites set in 8 acres of lush woodlands beside a freshwater lake.

Aerial View of Eden with Villas in the foreground, Condo in the background and Care Residence to the right.

While Eden was conceived to provide quality retirement lifestyle for upper middle-class local residents, it has been the promoters’ original desire to invite expatriates into the community. This promotes diversity, encourages better cross-cultural understanding to enrich lives and provides opportunities for better international understanding and continuous learning.

80% of the units for local residents have been sold and gradually being occupied. The 20% reserved for the international residents is now available for interested expatriates.

Eden On The Park Kuching has been steadfast in its objective to create a model community. From the local community the promoters have sold properties entirely on invitation and referrals. The targeted locals are the above 55’s, of the middle-class and are generally professionals, singles or otherwise retired. It discourages purchase for investments. This is to ensure that the properties are used for the intended purpose, viz. dignified seniors living.

Complimenting this is a state-pf-the-art aged care and nursing facility separated from the active lifestyle quarters by a fresh water lake. This facility provides support services, medical supervision and professional advice to residents if and when required. All apartments and villas are wired to the 24-hour nurse call centre.

Active Senior Lifestyle Apartments and Villas

Overlooking a competition standard golf course designed by Australian Ted Paslow is a 104-apartment luxury condominium. Each apartment is tastefully designed with all the aged friendly features, spacious and configured into dual-key units (lounge, master bedroom kitchen and utility area with an independent studio unit attached). The studio unit has its own independent access also.

Each apartment is designed as aged friendly, easy accessibility and a full use of natural lighting.

All units provide generous space of 1,500 to 1,700 sq. ft. to cater for the middle and upper middle class audience. They come furnished with 2 kitchens, 2 quality bathrooms and showers, fully airconditioned, built in cabinets all round.

The 14 villa units are also of the same finishing but significantly larger at 2,000 sq. ft. These are also single-storey homes designed with safety in mind. The water front units provide a sea-side resort feel surrounded by lush vegetations of casuarina trees and other tropical plant and flower species.

The villas are also designed as dual-key access homes to cater for downsizing as well as to welcome visitors from near and far, while providing them with their own private space.

View of the Lake-side villas
Interior of a villa
Open space within Eden On The Park Kuching
Greenery and colours abound
Lush Tropical woodland

Care & Nursing Residence

Eden On The Park Kuching’s 4-storey Aged Care and Nursing Residence has 71 suites complete with consultation and medical treatment rooms. It has a well-equipped kitchen capable of producing meals and tea throughout the day, laundry facilities, staff quarters, nurses stations, physiotherapy and rehab facility, salon and common lounges on every floor. Families and friends visiting residents at the Care Residence may have meals together in a warm family atmosphere.

This facility takes in clients who need specialised and quality aged care. This includes long term, short term and respite stays and convalescence, rehabilitative services. The Care Residence has separate wings for dementia and high-level care, and separate floors for assisted living for couples as well as singles.

The facilities are designed along Australian aged care standards and supported by state-of-the art emergency call technologies and standard operating procedures. It is licensed by the Malaysian Ministry of Health as a fully approved private medical facilities and services provider and as a licensed Care Centre.

Front view of Care Residence
Dining Room at Care Residence
Staff taking part in activities with senior residents
Well equipped Kitchen and experienced chefs
Typical Care Suites
Fish and pet therapy at Eden On The Park Kuching

Common Facilities at Eden On The Park Kuching

50-meter salt water lap pool
Activity at the Hobby Garden
Nature is very much part of Eden On The Park Kuching
Boating in our recreational lake
Monthly social gathering to build bonds
An active community
A fully equipped kitchen serving Eastern, local and
Western Cuisines

Cost of Living in Kuching

As a small metropolis, Kuching offers international class airport to hotels and first-class specialist medical services. City transportation is made so much easier and convenient with the advent of e-hailing public transport. It is noted as a gourmet city of Borneo famous for its sea-food local brand of Chinese noodles and curry rice noodles, the Sarawak Laksa made famous by Gastronomic Celebrity, Anthony Bourdain.

Food: As a comparison one can easily get a breakfast of the famous local Kolomee (noodle with topping of roasted pork or shredded chicken meat) complete with a cup of hot coffee for RM7.00 (USD1.65). A lunch at a decent cafeteria for one person will not cost more than RM15.00 (USD3.30) while an evening out for two at one of the many Asian restaurants may set you back RM80.00. A western meal (which there are many British, French, Italian) or Asian meals (Japanese, Korean and more) may cost up to RM150-RM180.00 (USD40.00) inclusive of a moderate quantity of liquor. There are also plenty of more informal food outlets for dinner and it should not cost more than RM50.00 for two persons. Liquor may be as low as RM4.00 (USD1.00) per can or RM12.00 (USD3.00) per bottle and wine a little bit more from RM40,00(USD10.00) for imported brands.

Transportation: Intra city transportation by e-hailing is cheap. One can move to most parts of the city within a 10 kilometre radius for less than RM15.00 (USD3.00). Kuching International Airport is just south of the city and takes 15 mins by car to get there. Cost of return airfares to major centres like Kuala Lumpur and Singapore can be as low as RM300.00 (USD75,00) off season.

Accommodation: A number of international hotel brands are present in Kuching. They include Hilton, Pullman and a large number of regional and local brands of 4 to 5-start standards. Hotel tariffs can be as low as RM200.00 (USD50.00) for an international class 5-star hotel to RM120.00  (USD30.00) for a 3 to 4-star local brand. Airbnb facilities are widely available at a much more bargain level.

Medical Services: Kuching has 5 international class specialist medical centres all equipped with the latest technologies and medical personnel trained in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere. The city is a popular destination for medical tourism with patients coming from neighbouring countries. As a comparison a knee replacement costs RM20,000.00 (USD5,000.00) and a cataract procedure around RM3,800.00 (USD950.00) A visit to a GP ranges from RM80.00 to RM150.00 with prescription included.

Recreation: Though golf club memberships are fairly exclusive in Kuching, they are fairly affordable by most comparisons. An 18-hole course situated 10-minute walk from Eden goes for only RM10,000.00 (USD2,500.00) while a 36-hole course within 20-minute drive from Eden cost around RM15,000.00(USD3,800.00). Another one designed by the famed Arnold Palmer situated next to the sea (dubbed by the great golfer as “the Pebble Beach of Asia”) about 45 minutes’ drive from town goes for about the same price.

These clubs provide a range of other non-golfing facilities and the monthly subscription for most of these clubs are around RM150.00 (USD38.00). Other very popular and sought after social clubs are available in the city.

Memberships are mostly transferable, which means that a member may on-sell the membership on retiring/resigning as a member.

Bars, nightclubs and other entertainment outlets are widely available in all the suburbs which form the Greater Kuching area.

Staying at Eden On The Park Kuching 

For the younger and more active or independent, joining the Eden Community may be by way of buying or renting/leasing a unit of villa or apartment. For the the more dependent and those who need some assistance then a Care Residence suite may be the option.

Eden Management is flexible in providing options to suit each expatriate’s circumstance. It appreciates that moving to a new environment is not an easy decision. What is perceived on paper may not turn out to be what is expected. Eden management truly wants to assist to make such decisions stress free.

A number of basic options are available to enable interested parties to come and experience this wonderful “Asia’s Best Kept Secret”.

Apartments and villas:

a) Short term Rental

  • Short Term stays of 1 month to 6 months

b) Annual Seasonal Migratory stays

  • Annual slots of 3 months to 6 months to allow expatriates living in temperate countries to move to the tropics and return during the warmer months

c) Long Term Lease

  • Such leases are on annual basis or even up to 5 years.

d) Lease with Option to Buy

  • The lessee is given the option to buy the property (apartment and villa only) he stays in if he decided to stay on in Eden. The option is normally provided for up to 2 years with part of the rental paid converted as down-payment of that unit.
  • 1. Rental/Lease

Rental per month for a furnished apartment or villa is around RM3,000 (USD760) for an apartment and RM4,000 (USD980) for a villa.

The Care Residence charges around RM4,500 (USD1,150) per month for a full board (inclusive of 3 meals a day, accommodation, laundry and house-keeping).

  • 2. Property Prices

The apartments are attractively priced at around RM800,000 (USD190,000) and villas at RM1,200,000 (USD280,000) They all come fully airconditioned, with two kitchens, dual key, built-in cupboards. Two baths and toilets and a utility room for laundry.

This article was written by the management of Eden On The Park Kuching and if you have any queries please contact them directly.

For more information:

Eden-On-The-Park Sdn Bhd,

Tel: + 6082 335 322

Fax: + 6082-338 223 

Maureen Kho – 016-866 2240

Yap Min Su – 013- 839 6379

Email: info@eden-on-the-park.com.my

or          sales@eden-on-the-park.com.my

Website: http://eden-on-the-park.com.my/

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