Seremban is the capital of the Malaysian state of Negeri Sembilan. The metropolitan area has a population of over 420,000 but its centre retains the feel of a small provincial town.

Seremban Bus Terminal
Seremban Bus Terminal

The Airport Coach and the Cityliner buses perform routine service between KLIA, klia2 and Seremban.

Seremban is the business and commercial centre for most towns and villages in Negeri Sembilan.

During the weekends, residents from outlying areas come to Seremban by commuter train or buses to shop in Seremban.

Bus Schedule from KLIA / klia2 to Seremban

The Airport Coach offers passengers daily shuttle services between Seremban and Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and klia2.

Airport Coach waiting near the Seremban Bus Terminal
Airport Coach waiting near the Seremban Bus Terminal
  • Bus service from Seremban to KLIA and klia2 commences at 3.30am and ends at 10.00pm.
  • Bus service from klia2 to Seremban commences at 4:15am and ends at 12:15am.
  • Bus service from KLIA to Seremban commences at 4:30am and ends at 12:30am.
  • Location of Airport Coach ticketing counters:
    • Seremban: Kiosk Rangkaian 4-01 (A) Terminal One Seremban, 70000 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.
    • KLIA: Level G, Block C, Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)
    • klia2: Level 1, Gateway@klia2 mall.
  • Ticket prices are RM10 one-way.
  • Travel duration takes approximately one (1) hour.

Cityliner bus schedule between Seremban and klia2

The Cityliner bus performs frequent routine between Serembn Bus Terminal and the klia2 airport.

Cityliner from Seremban to klia2
Departs SerembanArrives klia2
Cityliner from klia2 to Seremban
Departs klia2Arrives Seremban

Besides running ordinary routes in housing areas and on main roads of Negeri Sembilan, the Cityliner buses also perform regular service routes between Seremban and klia2, Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), Nilai and Banting.

Seremban Bus Terminal
Seremban Bus Terminal
Seremban Bus Terminal
Seremban Bus Terminal
Seremban Bus Terminal
Seremban Bus Terminal
Cityliner buses
Cityliner buses
Cityliner to klia2
Cityliner to klia2
Cityliner ticket counter
Cityliner ticket counter

The Seremban KTM station is just about 1km away from the Bus terminal.

Attractions at Seremban

A walking tour of Seremban town centre taking in the historic buildings and points of interest.

Gunung Datuk at Seremban
Gunung Datuk – Gunung Datuk (also known as Mount Rembau or Mount Datuk Rembau) located in Rembau, Negeri Sembilan. Standing at 886 meter above sea level, it provides hiker with a good view.
Gunung Angsi in Seremban
Gunung Angsi – This mountain is even closer to Kuala Lumpur and is a popular climbing spot among the locals. It is of similar height to Gunung Datuk and you can expect an exhausting and refreshing walk to the top.
Seri Menanti Royal Museum in Seremban
Seri Menanti Royal Museum – This former royal palace, built of wood about 110 years ago without using a single nail, has been a museum of royal regalia since 1992 and contains interesting displays of costumes, furniture, weapons and other paraphernalia.
Seremban City Walking
Seremban City Walking – Take this interesting walk to soak up the atmosphere of Seremban. Highlights include the State Museum, Cultural Complex, Handicraft Centre, State Library, Secretariat Building, picturesque churches, mosques and temples, Lake Gardens and others.
Seremban Cultural Complex in Seremban
Seremban Cultural Complex – The Complex Craft was built to maintain the richness of culture and heritage of the people of Negeri Sembilan. Fine handicraft products are displayed and available for sale at this complex.The Craft Complex.
Jelita Ostrich Farm in Seremban
Jelita Ostrich Farm – Visitors are briefed on the ostrich industry by an experienced multilingual guide who will take visitors through the farm. You are allowed to ride ostriches and be given certificate qualifying you as ostrich jockeys.
Seremban travel overview

Accommodations at Seremban

If you need a stay at Seremban, here are some hotels for your consideration.

The Royale Bintang Resort & Spa
The Royale Bintang Resort & Spa
Room from RM272*, Book now
Smart Hotel
Smart Hotel
Room from RM66*, Book now

Sutera Hotel
Sutera Hotel
Room from RM102*, Book now
Aero Star Hotel
Aero Star Hotel
Room from RM81*, Book now
Time Hotel Seremban
Time Hotel Seremban
Room from RM60*, Book now

Hotel Rasah Seremban
Hotel Rasah Seremban
Room from RM81*, Book now

Check out more hotels in Seremban.

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