The Port Dickson is a lovely resort community in the state of Negeri Sembilan. With its inviting beaches and exclusive resorts along with access to an historic fort and forest reserve, this is an ideal layover between Kuala Lumpur and Melaka / Malacca.

Port Dickson
Port Dickson

There is no direct bus from klia2 to Port Dickson. Buses to Port Dickson are available at both Pudu Sentral and Seremban Bus Terminal.

Port Dickson is 32 km from Seremban, 90 km from Kuala Lumpur, 60 km from Malacca.

Taking a bus to Port Dickson

You can take the Star Shuttle at the klia2 to go to Puduraya Bus Terminal (Pudu Sentral). If you prefer to go from Seremban, then you can take the Cityliner bus at the klia2 airport to go to Seremban and take the bus from Seremban Bus Terminal.

Cityliner bus at Seremban Bus Terminal to Port Dickson
Cityliner bus at Seremban Bus Terminal
Travelling by car or bus is the primary way of getting to Port Dickson as it is well connected by roads to major towns in Negeri Sembilan, including Seremban, and even Malacca via the coastal road.

SKS KL, ticket counter 47
Puduraya Bus Terminal to Port Dickson
Every hour
Seremban Bus Terminal to Port DicksonEvery 1/2 hour

Overview of Port Dickson

There are many beaches on the coast along Port Dickson. Leisure activities which are available such as water-skiing, canoeing, snorkeling and wind surfing. If you enjoy sailing, arrange to have temporary membership at the Yacht Club.

Activities at the Port Dickson
Activities at the Port Dickson

One of the best things you can do here in Port Dickson is fishing. However, due to pollution and development, the fish stocks in Port Dickson has severely depleted. FIshing is now best done of in a boat or in the kelong.

Convenience stalls at the Port Dickson
Convenience stalls at the Port Dickson

The Blue Lagoon lies about 15 km from Port Dickson town which provides a breathtaking view of the surrounding greenery and the blue open sea and having fun in the sun. The lagoon is an excellent spot for swimming, boating, wind surfing and water skiing. Accommodation is easily available as many hotels and resorts are located here.

Activities at Port Dickson

The 18 km extent of beach from Tanjung Gemuk to Tanjung Tuan is now a popular holiday destination for visitors coming as far as those from Kuala Lumpur itself. Many Singaporeans have invested in holiday homes in and around Port Dickson.

Army Museum at Port Dickson
Army Museum – Located near next to a Malaysian Army Camp Port Dickson Based. This Museum is the latest attraction in Port Dickson. Some vehicle and aircraft used by Royal Malaysian Army before are displayed here. Picture credits: pd
Fort Lukut at Port Dickson
Fort Lukut – Fort Lukut was built in 1847 to protect the town? booming tin trade. Other attractions here include the legendary ‘poisoned well’ that is believed to be used to punish criminals in the ancient days. Picture credits: malaysiabudgettour
Blue Lagoon at Port Dickson
Blue Lagoon – Sheltered by a dense cover of lush vegetation and forests from surrounding foothills, the Blue Lagoon enjoys an inherent tranquility missing from other beaches in Port Dickson, even with many visitors around. Picture credits: portdickson

Taxi Services

Taxi is available right next to the bus station. The taxis don’t have meters and they charge per head. Short distances are RM2.00, all the way from Batu 10 to the Bus Terminal is RM3.00. You should not pay more than RM15 to get as far as Blue Lagoon/lighthouse which is a bit down at Batu 10.

Bus Services

There is also a local bus that toodles along the coast. The fare is RM1.00 to RM2.00. From the Bas Terminal to Batu 10 (closest to the Blue Lagoon) it is RM2.00.

Lighthouse at the Port Dickson
Lighthouse at the Port Dickson

Accommodations at Port Dickson

If you need a pleasant stay at the Port Dickson, here are some hotels for your kind considerations.

Port Dickson

Check out more hotels on Port Dickson.

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