The Firefly airlines has a strict hand-baggage policy to ensure cabin safety and comfort. Travelling with Firefly? Check out the following baggage related articles and the Firefly’s promotions & offer.

Firefly's check-in counters
Firefly’s check-in counters at the Subang Skypark Terminal

Having a hand-baggage policy in place means Firefly passengers enjoy the comfort of a well-kept cabin, free of any inconvenience and hazards.

Information about Firefly Baggage

Firefly takes great responsibility in ensuring cabin comfort and safety.

Operating out of the Penang International Airport and Subang Skypark Terminal, Firefly provides connections to various points within Malaysia, Southern Thailand, Singapore and Sumatera of Indonesia, aligning itself with the Indonesia – Malaysia – Thailand Growth Triangle (IMT-GT) agenda.

Hand-baggage Policy

Firefly has a strict hand-baggage policy to ensure cabin safety and comfort.

Checked Baggage dimension
Checked baggage dimension
Each passenger can carry ONE piece of hand-baggage onboard that weighs 7kg or less, is no bigger than 56cm x 36cm x 23cm, and can fit under the seat in front of you or in the overhead cabin compartment.

Baggage that exceeds 7kg or set dimensions, or is deemed offensive in nature will be checked into the baggage hold at Boarding Gate.

RM50 fee per piece (subject to terms and conditions*) will be charged.

In addition to one piece of hand-baggage, each passenger is allowed ONE personal item such as:

  • A handbag, pocket book or purse.
  • A briefcase.
  • An overcoat, wrap or blanket.
  • Electronic equipment such as laptop, iPad and camera.
  • A small camera or a pair of binoculars.
  • A reasonable amount of reading material for the flight.
  • Baby food for consumption in-flight.
  • Walking stick/canes or crutches and/or braces/prosthetic devices, which the passenger is dependent on.

Firefly takes great responsibility in ensuring cabin comfort and safety. Having a hand-baggage policy in place means Firefly passengers enjoy the comfort of a well-kept cabin, free of any inconvenience and hazards because:

  • Movement into and out of seats is easier
  • Smoother passenger boarding and disembarkation is enhanced
  • In the unlikely event of a emergency evacuation, movement will not be hampered
  • All security items such as knives, nail clippers, blades, or any sharp and/or pointed objects, aerosol cans are strictly forbidden in hand-baggage and must be packed into your checked-baggage.

Liquids, Aerosols & Gels

On board international flights, there are certain restrictions to limit the amount of liquids, aerosols and gels (LAG) that passengers may include in their hand-carry luggage.

  • LAG items such as drinks, creams, perfumes, sprays, gels and toothpaste must be in containers that have a maximum capacity of 100 ml/mg.
  • All LAG containers must fit comfortably in a transparent resealable plastic bag.
  • Each passenger is limited to only one transparent resealable plastic bag with a volume no greater than one litre. Bags such as freezer bags (20cm x 20cm or 25cm x 15cm) sold in most supermarkets are ideal for this purpose.
  • Please ensure that the perimeter of all four sides of the transparent resealable plastic bag do not exceed 80cm.

Passengers will need to remove the resealable bag from their hand-baggage so that it can be screened separately at the international departure gate screening point. Please be advised that the airport screening staff have the last word on what constitutes liquid, aerosol or gel and will ensure that all such items are removed and disposed of.


The Firefly airlines has a strong team of professional crew to assist you at Penang International Airport and Subang Skypark Terminal.

Firefly welcomes you!
Firefly welcomes you!

Buy Online & Save

Buy Checked-Baggage Allowance Online and Save. Firefly passengers receive 20kg of complimentary checked-baggage allowance.

Passengers can buy heavier checked-baggage categories of 25kg, 30kg and 35kg online, through call centre or at sales offices.

Buy Checked Baggage Allowance
Passengers who exceed their complimentary 20kg checked-baggage allowance at the check-in counter will incur excess-baggage fees; heavier categories cannot be bought at check-in counter.

Should a passenger exceed the purchased checked-baggage allowance, excess-baggage fees apply; each individual piece of checked baggage cannot exceed 32kg.

Collapsible baby strollers or non-electrical wheelchairs are checked in for free; sports equipment, however, will incur sports equipment handling fee.


Baggage Allowance

Online & Over the Counter Checked Baggage Allowance:

Checked-Baggage Fees
Weight CategoryDomestic Online (MYR)Domestic Counter (MYR)Internationl Online (MYR)Internationl Counter (MYR)
On ATR-72 aircraft
  1. Checked-baggage fees cannot be refunded or transferred
  2. Checked-baggage fee cannot be re-routed
  3. Unused portions cannot be refunded as well
  4. Online rates are only available online, and are not sold at the airport counter
  5. Baggage that weighs more than checked-baggage allowance purchased will incur excess-baggage fee
  6. Each individual piece of checked baggage may not exceed 32kg
  7. Carriage of excess baggage is subject to load

All the above are subject to Firefly’s General Conditions of Carriage.


Sports Equipment

What is sports equipment handling fee?

This refers to a nominal fee that Firefly charges for the carriage of water skiing equipment, scuba diving gear, and golf sets that weigh up to 20kg. These types of equipment are not considered part of a passenger’s checked-baggage allowance.

What if my golf set weighs more than 20kg?

Firefly usual excess-baggage fees will apply, as laid out in Firefly fee schedule if it exceeds the baggage allowance purchased or offered.

Will other sports equipment incur charges?

Sports equipment other than scuba diving gear and golf sets are subject to excess-baggage fees, as laid out in Firefly fee schedule.

Is there a limit on the carriage of sports equipment?

Sports equipment must not weigh more than 32kg ?if a set of equipment weighs more than 32kg, it must be re-packed into two or more sets.

Can I get a refund on sports equipment handling fee if I don’t use it?

Firefly is unable to refund the sports equipment handling fee if it’s not utilised. Each passenger is entitled to one piece of sports equipment and passengers cannot pool their sports equipment allowance. Additionally, the fee cannot be transferred to another passenger.


Firefly flight with beautiful delegates from Miss Tourism International at Subang Skypark Terminal
Firefly flight with beautiful delegates from Miss Tourism International at Subang Skypark Terminal

Checked-baggage allowance FAQs

What is my checked-baggage allowance?

Passengers are offered complimentary 20kg checked-baggage, which is subject to conditions and limitations; baggage that weighs more than 20kg will be charged excess baggage fees. To avoid this, purchase a heavier checked-baggage allowance when you buy your ticket.

Checked-baggage that weighs more than the purchased weight allowance will incur excess-baggage fees. Learn more about Firefly excess-baggage fees.

My baggage is too small to be checked in. Can I carry it with me onboard?

Only one piece of baggage may be hand-carried onboard provided that it does not exceed the dimensions of 56cm x 36cm x 23cm and does not weigh more than 7kg. The piece of hand-carry baggage must fit under the seat in front of you or in an enclosed storage compartment in the cabin or it will be checked-in as checked baggage. If overweight, over-sized and extra hand baggage is found at the boarding gate, it will be checked in and a fee imposed.

Items determined by us to be of excessive weight or size or of an offensive nature will not be permitted onboard. Firefly reserves the right to remove said item of excessive weight and size, and check into the baggage compartment.

Can I buy online checked-baggage allowance rates at the counter?

No, standard excess-baggage rates will apply at the airport. Checked-baggage allowance rates must be booked and paid upon booking of flight online or through Group Bookings desk at least 24 hours prior to departure, or through the call centre and airport ticketing offices six hours before scheduled flight departure. If you purchase your flight from a city ticketing office, you can purchase your checked-baggage allowance up to three hours before scheduled departure.

Is there a limit to the weight of each piece of baggage?

Regardless of which checked-baggage allowance category you purchase, each piece of checked baggage cannot exceed 32kg in weight. For example, if you buy a checked-baggage allowance of 35kg, you may have two pieces of checked baggage that add up to 35kg or even exceed 35kg, in which case excess-baggage fees will apply, but you may not check in one piece of checked baggage that is heavier than 32kg.

If I don’t use the entire checked-baggage allowance, can I get a refund?

No, Firefly is unable to offer a refund in this instance.

What if the actual baggage weight exceeds the weight category bought?

If actual weight exceeds the weight category bought, standard excess-baggage fees will be charged to the difference.

Can the checked-baggage allowance be transferred to another passenger?

No, checked-baggage allowance is not transferable.

Can I take perishable food or frozen seafood and meat on board the aircraft?

No, Firefly does not accept perishable food or frozen seafood and meat as checked baggage. You may, however, carry them onboard as hand-carry baggage provided these conditions are met:

  • The perishable food or frozen seafood and meat are securely-packed (air- and water-tight) at the source.
  • The container is within the hand-baggage weight and size limitations: 56cm x 36cm x 23cm and does not weigh more than 7kg.
  • No more than 2.5kg of dry ice is used to pack the frozen food.

Can I take plants or flowers on board the plane?

No, Firefly is unable to accept any plant or plant product on international flights as checked-baggage or hand-carry baggage. This rule applies regardless of whether the plant is potted in soil, or has roots or seeds. For more information, please contact Firefly call centre at +603-7845 4543 or a ticketing office


Firefly News

Firefly Raises Free Baggage Allowance to 20 kg

From 25th April 08, Firefly will increase its baggage allowance for checked baggage from 15kg to 20kg. Passengers on Firefly’s domestic and regional flights will now have the convenience of traveling with up to 20kg of checked baggage on free-of-charge basis.

The product enhancement was made following feedbacks from Firefly’s repeat customers requesting for additional baggage allowance mainly stemming from current restrictions imposed on hand-carry items on grounds of safety and security. Sharp objects and liquid items such as medications, contact lens solution and toiletries are now required to be checked-in therefore adding to the need for extra weight allowance for checked baggage.

The decision to allow up to 20 kg is also to streamline product offering in line with other full service carriers ahead of Firefly’s plan to code share and interline with Malaysia Airlines.

In tandem with this product enhancement, Firefly is increasing its fuel surcharge by RM5.00 for domestic flights and RM8.00 for international flights for ticket bookings made from 25th April onwards. This is partly to help manage the current hike in oil price, which has shown a sharp increase of 75% from the same time last year when Firefly commenced operations.

Firefly will continue to honour its objective to keep Firefly fares low to provide opportunities for people to fly, as was emphasized by Firefly’s Managing Director, Eddy Leong.

“To counter this phenomenon of rising fuel price, Firefly will make sure that its tickets are among the lowest in the market. Public can look forward to many more promotions from Firefly such as the current RM 1 to all destinations,” Eddy adds on.


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