ETS Timetable 2022 (Jadual)
KTM Southbound Trains (Ke Selatan)

The ETS timetable below shows all the new Electric Train Services in Malaysia that have started operating since July 2015 when the new fast trains started to replace the old diesel engine services.

From October 2015, more new ETS routes (laluan) started operating and now the ETS line is extended as far south as Gemas.

The last section of the tracks (between Gemas and Johor Bahru) has yet to be upgraded.

ETS Timetable 2022 – KTM Electric Trains – Southbound (Ke Selatan)

ETS timetable (Jadual Perjalanan ETS Terbaru):

To see the ETS Timetable in the other direction – Northbound (ke Utara) click here >

New ETS train timetable from the 15th of January 2022 (2022-01-15):

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Train NoES 9051*EP 9171*EP 9173EG 9025EG 9321*EP 9273EG 9027*EP 9275*EP 9175EG 9029*EP 9277*EP 9177EG 9035EG 9425*EP 9279*EP 9179
Operating DaysAllAllAllAllAllAllAllAllAllAllAllAllAllAllAllAll
Padang Besar07:3009:3513:4015:5016:45
Bukit Ketri
Anak Bukit16:23
Alor Setar08:0810:1314:1816:2917:23
Sungai Petani08:3710:4214:4716:5917:52
Tasek Gelugor08:5010:5515:0017:1118:04
Butterworth Penang05:1506:2007:5012:4516:0518:45
Bukit Mertajam05:2506:3008:0012:5516:1518:55
Simpang Ampat
Nibong Tebal08:1417:34
Parit Buntar05:4206:4708:1809:1711:2213:1215:2716:3217:3818:3019:12
Bagan Serai08:2617:46
Padang Rengas08:5918:19
Kuala Kangsar06:2707:3209:0510:0212:0713:5716:1217:1718:2519:1519:57
Sungai Siput09:1618:37
Batu Gajah05:2307:1008:1508:3409:4910:4512:1412:5014:4015:4216:5518:0018:4719:1019:5820:40
Tapah Road05:4608:5710:1212:3716:0519:1019:33
Slim River06:1109:2213:0216:3019:35
Tanjung Malim06:2508:0709:1209:3610:5111:4213:1613:4715:3716:4417:5218:5719:4920:1220:5521:37
Kuala Kubu Bharu06:38
Batang Kali06:4511:1021:14
Sungai Buloh07:1908:5810:0310:2811:4312:3314:0814:3816:2917:3618:4319:4920:4121:0421:4722:29
Kepong Sentral07:2710:3614:1617:4420:49
Kuala Lumpur (Old)07:4509:2310:2810:5412:0812:5814:3415:0316:5418:0219:0820:1421:0721:2922:1722:54
KL Sentral07:5109:2910:3411:0012:1413:0414:4015:0917:0018:0819:1420:2021:1321:3522:2323:00
Bandar Tasik Selatan12:3421:55
Tampin/Pulau Sebang14:1823:38
Batang Melaka14:3323:52

* operates with the newer ETS2 train that include a Business Class coach.

EG numbered trains are ETS Gold Services.

EP numbered trains are ETS Platinum Services.

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Please note that all Padang Besar bound trains will no longer be taking the branch line to Butterworth.

Trains between Butterworth and Padang Besar are now only operated by KTM Komuter Trains.

For trains further south of Gemas, you have to connect to Shuttle services to JB Sentral in Johor Bahru, then another short 5 minute Shuttle to Woodlands in Singapore.

To see the Shuttle Train Timetable from Gemas to Johor Bahru click here >

To see the Shuttle Train timetable from Johor Bahru to Singapore click here >

ETS Fares / Ticket Prices (Tambang / Harga Tiket)

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Booking ETS Train Tickets

ETS tickets can be purchased in advance from any KTM ticket counter at any mainline station.

You can also book ETS Tickets online for the same price here >

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