ETS Padang Besar to Parit Buntar Train Schedule (Jadual)

There are a few ETS Padang Besar to Parit Buntar Electric Train Services every day to take you quickly to your destination or you can take a more regular, but slower KTM Komuter service (via Bukit Mertajam).

KTM Padang Besar to Parit Buntar ETS Schedule

(Jadual ETS KTM Padang Besar ke Parit Buntar)

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KTM Padang Besar to Parit Buntar ETS train timetable:

You can see the latest full ETS timetable for 2022 here >

New train timetable from the 15th of January 2022 (2022-01-15):

Train NumberDeparts Pdg BesarArrives Parit BuntarBook Online
*EP 927307:3009:17Book Tickets
*EP 927509:3511:22Book Tickets
*EP 927713:4015:27Book Tickets
EG 942515:5017:38Book Tickets
*EP 927916:4518:30Book Tickets

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Timetable notes:

Train numbers starting with EG are ETS Gold Trains.

Train numbers starting with EP are ETS Platinum Trains.

All services operate daily.

To view the full ETS timetable for all services southbound from Padang Besar click here >

If you decide you want to travel by commuter train, you will first have to take one of the Butterworth bound trains, get off at Bukit Mertajam and change trains to Parit Buntar.

Using the commuter services on the trip to P. Buntar is much cheaper, but
it will take you much longer as you will have to take the branch line to Bukit Mertajam, then change trains at BM station for
the connecting train to Parit Buntar.

For the Komuter timetable from Padang Besar to Bukit Mertajam click here >

For the Komuter timetable from Bukit Mertajam to Parit Buntar click here >

ETS Padang Besar to Parit Buntar Train Fares / Ticket Prices

Tickets on the ETS Gold services cost:

31 MYR for Adults.

20 MYR for Children.

Tickets for the Platinum service cost:

39 MYR for Adults.

24 MYR for Children.

A ticket on the Komuter services for the same trip will cost you much less at 12.40 MYR if you don’t mind the longer journey time.

Booking Tickets

KTM Komuter train tickets are only available on the day of travel and no advance booking is necessary or available.

Tickets can be purchased from the KTM ticket counter at Padang Besar Railway Station (upstairs near the cafe).

A Komuter ticket does not guarantee you a seat, as these trains are more
like subway / tube trains, where seats are lined up along the sides of the carriages and
when full, you will have to stand.

If you want to travel on the ETS services, you really should book your tickets in advance as these trains can be full at many times of the year.

Booking advance tickets is easy to do, with KTMB and a number of ticketing agents selling seats online.

To book tickets online now click here >

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