6 February 2017

Reports indicate that work has begun on clearing land parcels around the Putrajaya toll plaza area to facilitate the start of the Lebuhraya Putrajaya – KLIA (MEX II) expressway extension project.

The new expressway plans to provide the shortest and most direct route between the KL city centre to the KLIA and klia2 when linked to the existing 26 km-long MEX, which was completed in 2007.

Originally, it was reported last year that tolling operations for the new extension were slated to commence in November 2018, but a date of completion has yet to be announced.

Construction work on MEX II KLIA extension to start

When ready, the open-toll, three-lane dual carriageway will be 18 km-long and will provide a mainline connection between the existing Lebuhraya Maju Expressway (MEX, or E20) to Lebuhraya KLIA (FT26). The route will commence at Putrajaya Interchange and merge onto the FT26 in Sepang.

Aside from the usual entry and exit ramps to and from the expressway, there will be 26 bridges along the route, and MEX II will feature one mainline toll plaza, two ramp toll plazas and a supervision building.

Original Source: paultan.org

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