On 9 May 2014, AirAsia moved to a new home at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (klia2). Due to this move, all AirAsia’s current operations at the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) would be ceased, and would be resumed at the new klia2 terminal.

Evening view of KLIA terminal
AirAsia’s flights waiting at the klia2 terminal
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Frequently Aasked Questions

The following is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to AirAsia’s move to the klia2.

Q. Are all AirAsia and AirAsia X flights affected by this move?

Yes, all of AirAsia and AirAsia X’s flights will be moving to klia2 effective Friday, 9th May 2014.

Q. Are there any changes to my flight schedule because of this move?

Please check www.airasia.com for the latest flight schedule before you depart for the airport.

Q. I don’t want to fly into klia2, can I ask for a refund?

No refunds are allowed based on AirAsia’s terms & conditions. Should you require further assistance on your booking, please contact AirAsia via:

Q. How do I know which counters I can check-in when I get to klia2 for AirAsia / AirAsia X flights?

AirAsia asks all guests to do self check-in using web check-in via www.airasia.com or via the AirAsia Mobile App.

There is also ample signage to direct you to AirAsia’s self check-in kiosks and baggage drop counters in klia2. Alternatively, you may seek assistance from AirAsia’s staff on duty at the airport who will be more than happy to help you.

Q. I did not receive any emails / SMS / calls from AirAsia about this change of airport and turned up at LCCT on my departure day – what solution will AirAsia provide me?

AirAsia has informed its guests in advance regarding the change of airport. If you did not receive any notification from AirAsia, please let AirAsia know via these channels:

AirAsia strongly encourages all its guests to keep their AirAsia member profile updated so that AirAsia is able to update you accordingly.

Q. Will this move mean I need a new flight itinerary?

You do not need a new flight itinerary for this airport move, as the airport code remains the same (whether you arrive in KLIA or klia2, your departing or arriving airport code will still be KUL).

You will be receiving an email notification informing you of your departure or arrival terminal, which will now be changed from LCC Terminal to klia2. AirAsia encourages all of its guests to update their AirAsia member profile to ensure that you will be informed of this airport change, as well as further updates in the future.

Q. What if I have already conducted web check-in before the airport move? Will I need to check-in again and print a new boarding pass?

You will not need to check-in again as the station/airport code is still the same (KUL). Guests who have already checked-in but travelling with checked baggage will be able to use the dedicated AirAsia baggage drop counters in klia2.

Q. Is Red Carpet service still available in klia2?

AirAsia’s Red Carpet service will be temporarily unavailable from 9 May 2014 onwards for a period of four to six weeks.

This is to allow AirAsia’s contractors to complete works for AirAsia’s lounge facilities and ensure full operational readiness for klia2.

Guests who have purchased Red Carpet services for outbound journeys from Kuala Lumpur will be entitled to a credit shell for the fees paid. Bookings for Red Carpet services for travel arriving into Kuala Lumpur are unaffected.

AirAsia will keep its guests informed once the service has been reinstated.

Structural layout of the klia2 terminal
Structural layout of the klia2 airport, learn more…

Q. What happens if I have already booked my SkyBus? Will it bring me straight to klia2?

Yes, you will still be able to utilise your SkyBus booking which you have made through the AirAsia website. The SkyBus terminal will be at Level 1 of klia2.

For more information about SkyBus schedules and departure & drop-off points, See Skybus

Q. How far is the current LCCT to klia2?

It is about 20km away from the current LCCT.

Q. Where can I park my car at klia2 and what are the charges?
There are 6,000 parking bays available at the Integrated Complex Buiding at klia2 for visitors and airline guests. The car park is managed by MAHB.

Q. Is the car park covered?

The car park in the Integrated Complex Building is covered.

Q. How long will the AirAsia and AirAsia X counters be open before scheduled departure time?
All AirAsia and AirAsia X counters will be open three (3) hours before scheduled departure time, and will be closed one (1) hour before scheduled departure time effective 9 May 2014 onwards at klia2.

AirAsia would like to advise all AirAsia’s guests to arrive ahead of the recommended check-in time to ensure ample time to move from the check-in counters to your designated departure gates.

Q. Is AirAsia using aerobridges in klia2?

Yes, all AirAsia and AirAsia X flights will be utilising the aerobridges at klia2.

Q. Are there any wheelchair services in klia2?

AirAsia staff will continue to offer full wheelchair and assistance services to guests who require this service.

AirAsia requests and requires all guests to pre-book the required service online via Manage my Booking at www.airasia.com. Assistance desks will be clearly visible and signed for guests when they arrive in klia2.

Q. Is there any AirAsia lounge in klia2? What are the services available at the lounge?

Lounge services are available as part of AirAsia’s Red Carpet service, which will be suspended until further notice due to AirAsia’s move to klia2. Guests wishing to purchase direct lounge access may have the option to do so from private lounge operators, such as Premium Plaza Lounge.

Q. What if I lost my baggage? Where should I go?

Guests should report any lost baggage to AirAsia Baggage Services office located in the international or domestic arrival areas. Any claims for lost or delayed baggage should be reported to AirAsia staff before exiting the arrival hall.

Q. What if my baggage is damaged? Where should I go to get assistance from AirAsia / AirAsia X staff?

Guests should report to AirAsia Baggage Services office located in the international or domestic arrival areas. Any claims for damaged baggage should be reported to AirAsia staff before exiting the arrival hall.

Q. Can I go ‘straight-to-gate’ if I don? have any check-in baggage & I have already web checked in with a printed boarding pass?

If you have received a boarding pass that states “Proceed direct to Security and Immigration” then you may proceed directly to the checkpoint area before proceeding to the boarding gate. Guests requiring a document check will be advised by means of a notice on the boarding pass.

You may proceed to AirAsia’s dedicated document check counters for visa/passport checks.

Q. Where are your baggage drop counters?

These are the counters which AirAsia occupies in klia2: Row T, U, V, Y & Z (subject to operational change).

All counters are clearly labelled and guests can check the Flight Information Display System (FIDS) monitors throughout the terminal.

AirAsia and AirAsia X will operate a ‘common check-in’ arrangement in klia2 that creates more flexibility for AirAsia’s guests as there will not be dedicated counters for each flight. Please check the FIDS monitors or approach one of AirAsia’s friendly ground staff upon arrival at the terminal.

Q. Where is the document-check counter?

Document-check counters (for guests who require this) are located on every row that AirAsia occupies. Please check signage / monitors for further information.

Q. Where can I check-in if I have not printed my boarding pass?

All guests are encouraged to conduct self check-in through these methods:

  • Web check-in at AirAsia’s website
  • Mobile check-in through AirAsia’s mobile apps
  • Self check-in kiosks which are available throughout the terminal at klia2

Q. Where are the AirAsia / AirAsia X self check-in kiosks at klia2?

Guests may use AirAsia’s self check-in kiosks which are located adjacent to AirAsia’s baggage drop counters at AirAsia’s designated rows.

Q. How far is it to walk from the baggage drop counters to the immigration & security checkpoints? How far from there to the departure gates?

The new airport encompasses an area of 257,000sqm and as it is a new environment, it would take slightly longer than normal to get from one point to another in the airport. AirAsia would encourage AirAsia’s guests to get to the airport ahead of the recommended check-in time to familiarise themselves with the new airport.

For your information, all AirAsia and AirAsia X counters will be opened for baggage drop three (3) hours before scheduled departure time, and will be closed one (1) hour before scheduled departure time effective 9 May 2014 onwards at klia2.

AirAsia would like to advise all AirAsia’s guests to arrive a minimum of three hours before departure to ensure that there is ample time to move from the check-in counters to your designated departure gates.

Q. What are the designated gates for international and domestic departures?

There are 60 gates in klia2, following the designations as below:

Domestic Flights
– Gates J & K
International Flights
– Gates P & Q
Transfer Hall between Domestic & International Terminals
– Gate L –International Transfer
– Gates J & K –Domestic transfer

Q. I have a Fly-Thru booking, how would this move affect me? Where do I catch my connecting flight?

All Fly-thru guests are to connect via the Transfer Hall (Gate L) for international transfer and (Gate J & K) for domestic transfer, located between domestic & international gates. Please approach AirAsia’s ground staff if you need any assistance.

Q. Are there any changes to the airport tax / passenger service charge (PSC)?

No, there are no changes to the passenger service charge (PSC).

Q. How do I collect my pre-booked Tune Talk SIM Card?

You may collect your SIM card at the Tune Store Traveler at klia2 arrival hall, after the Terminal at Level 2, Lot L2-78.

Q. What are operating hours of the Tune Store Traveler?

Tune Store Traveler operates daily from 5am-2am. From 1 June 2014, it will operate 24 hours daily.

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Please search this FAQs for answers to the most frequently asked questions. In the event this FAQ does not answer your enquiry, please call AirAsia’s helpline at +603 2171 9222 or click on the following Contact AirAsia page for contact numbers of the Call Centre in your area. References: AirAsia FAQs

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